The thickness of peeling is adjustable, it can automatically adapt to the height and thickness of the fruit, and is also compatible with 22 kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, orange, melon and kiwi.

Persimmon Peeling Machine Features :-

It has the functions of positioning peeling and conveying.
The cutter has an automatic adjustment function, which can be used to cut fruits of different sizes.
Automatic control in one, easy to operate.
Fully automatic intelligent control, not disturbed by external power supply frequency and other factors.
All kinds of protection are complete, which can effectively protect the safety of workers and prevent mis operation.
With various light control and instrument display, different control states are clear at a glance.

Capacity 800pcs/h
Power 0.5kw
Voltage 110v/220v
Weight 100kg
Dimension 700*450*980mm