T20 World Cup 2024: Brian Lara omits Australia and Pakistan from his semi-final predictions

"India lost the second round in 2007, which devastated us in the Caribbean. That's not something we want to occur again," Brian Lara remarked.
Next month, the T20 World Cup will happen, with the USA and the West Indies as hosts. Brian Lara, a cricket legend, picked his four favorite teams to reach the semi-finals.

The ninth T20 World Cup is just around the corner, sparking excitement in the cricket world. This time, 20 teams will compete, starting on June 2.

Brian Lara, one of cricket's greatest batters, hopes to see the West Indies face off against India in the final on June 29. The West Indies won in 2012 and 2016, while India clinched victory in the inaugural 2007 tournament.

Lara is confident in the West Indies' talented team. He believes India will also make it to the top four, despite some criticisms of their squad selection.

"The West Indies should do well. They have many star players who work together effectively as a team. Despite tough competition, India will likely reach the top four. A final between India and the West Indies would be a chance to right past wrongs. India's early exit in 2007 was tough for us in the Caribbean, and we don't want a repeat of that." (read more)