Pskov State Medical University Admission in 2024-25

Pskov State Medical University: Admission Process in 2024
The admission process to Pskov State Medical University is straightforward yet competitive. Prospective students are required to meet certain eligibility criteria and complete the necessary steps outlined by the university. Here's a brief overview of the admission process:
Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have completed their secondary education or its equivalent with a strong academic record in science subjects, particularly Biology and Chemistry.
Entrance Examination: Prospective students are typically required to take an entrance examination, which evaluates their proficiency in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
Documentation: Along with the application form, applicants need to submit necessary documents such as academic transcripts, passport copies, and medical certificates.
Language Proficiency: Since the medium of instruction at Pskov State Medical University is primarily Russian, proficiency in the Russian language is essential. International applicants may need to demonstrate their proficiency through standardized language tests like the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).
Interview: Some candidates may be required to undergo an interview as part of the selection process.