Mind Blowing Facts About Mount Everest

CAs with any adventure trip, training for the Everest Base Camp hike is essential to staying healthy and mentally fit. The seasoned trekkers may find it easy, but there is one question they should consider. Do I need to be included to do the Everest Base Camp Trek? It is essential to understand one thing before we get into the basics of Everest Base Camp training.

Before that, it is essential to improve cardio, strength, and endurance when carrying a daypack uphill for long periods as part of your training for Everest Base Camp.

Take long walks or hikes at least once a week in the eight to twelve weeks leading up to your trek (focus more on duration than distance). To be able to hike or walk for five to six hours without stopping, you should gradually increase the length of your hikes.

On a treadmill and stair stepper, walk hill intervals twice a week if no significant hills or mountains are in your area. Strength exercises should also be performed twice a week for most people.

If you plan to trek Mount Everest Base Camp, always speak to your doctor first.

Preparing for the Everest Base Camp
A high-altitude trek requires solid physical fitness. As you train, you should progressively increase your speed, duration (time or mileage), and pack weight to/ simulate hiking conditions that other training methods can't duplicate. Listed below are the items you'll need for the Everest Base Camp Trek:

By exercising aerobically, you can increase your cardiovascular endurance
A strength endurance program (through strength conditioning)
A hiking-specific training program (via hiking with a pack)

An essential component of a successful hike
Training for Everest Base Camp is not enough unless you're determined to stay in the cold mountains for at least two weeks. It doesn't require previous mountaineering experience since it's a non-technical hike.

Everest Base Camp requires a high level of physical fitness. All ages and physical abilities are challenged by it. The hike's