5 Steps Every Couple Should Be Taking Latest

Did you know in the 1930s most American brides could not afford a wedding dress so they wore their best dress to a simple court house ceremony? How about in 1942 and 43, couples got engaged, sent out announcements on Monday, invitations via telegram (text message lol) on Wednesday, with a ceremony on Saturday? Couples in love have had to navigate monumental obstacles throughout different periods in time; culture, conflict, and trends, have all influenced weddings and often times resulted in a shift changing weddings from what they were to what they are today.

Unfortunately, brides and grooms today are facing some of the most frustrating and saddening wedding alterations due to the constantly changing mandates and restrictions in some counties, cities, and states across the US. We want you to know you are not alone and we understand you may be faced with some incredibly painful decisions right now so we are here to help! Below is the 5 steps every couple should be taking now to avoid heartbreak down the road. If you act and plan today you will feel in control moving forward through this ever changing terrain.