11 Ways to Answer the Most Overlooked Medical School Interview Question:

Medical school interview season continues, which means we are back with another round of need-to-know information to help you make it through your interviews without a hitch. When preparing for an interview, medical school hopefuls spend a lot of time getting introspective. After all, interviewers will likely ask students all about themselves. They’ll ask about work experience, motivation, and classes. Below, we have listed eleven questions you can ask in an interview and what they tell an interviewer about you when you ask them.

Ask about specific programs at the school.
Ask the interviewer how they got to where they are today.
If you’re interviewing at a school outside your current city, ask about local life.
Ask if the interviewer has any advice for you as a future medical student.
Ask the interviewer to put themselves in your shoes.
Ask about the culture among students. Are classes tight-knit? Are they competitive?
Ask about statistics.
Ask what they believe the school can offer you that other schools can’t.
Ask about off-campus educational opportunities.
Ask about unique educational or clinical experiences that the school might offer.
Ask anything… but use your question as a way to reference your experience.
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